Sereni fries is a pioneer and leader in the processing of high quality and safe frozen and fresh cut potato products. It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with three branches in Naivasha, Nakuru and Mombasa. Sereni has top notch expertise in the ware potato processing with over ten years of experience. Our brand is analogous to quality and safety with each batch processed under high degree of care.

The name resembles the thinness of the chips. After frying, it has a sophisticated look and is crispier compared to other cuts


This cut is slightly thicker than the matchstick but slightly thinner than the standard cut. Easily achieves a crunchier and buttery feel


This is the most common cut for fries, has a fuller feel in the mouth, steaky and chunkier


Ten years on, Sereni Fries continues to add value to Kenya’s potatoes

The Good Potato Initiative

Supplying fries to international fast-food chains.

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