About Us

Sereni fries is a pioneer and leader in the processing of high quality and safe frozen and fresh cut potato products. It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with three branches in Naivasha, Nakuru and Mombasa. Sereni has top notch expertise in the ware potato processing with over ten years of experience. Our brand is analogous to quality and safety with each batch processed under high degree of care.
We buy Irish ware potatoes from small and medium scale farmers, processes the potatoes into fresh and precooked potato products of different cuts and sizes which are sold to our customers distributed across the B2B and B2C market in Kenya. We value our customers health and safety thus run a stringent food safety management system.

Our Mission

To offer quality potato products made with the utmost attention to quality and safety at good value to our customers.

Our Vision

To become the number one supplier of potato products in Kenya by selling and delivering the highest quality product on a timely basis and with 99% customer satisfaction.

Our Core Values


We uphold high working ethics, openness, fairness, and honesty in our organization.


The entire Sereni fraternity is called upon to be responsible for their actions and to diligently accomplish tasks entrusted to them. We remain accountable to the rest of the stakeholders as well.

Passion and Quality:

Joy for the work one does is the catalyst to innovation, creativity and commitment to productivity and delivery of our mission. Quality and safe products is our mantra.


For a seamless running of the company, proper internal and external communication is imperative and encouraged.


We believe in group synergies, when people work together, magic is created.

Diversity and Inclusivity:

Regardless of who we are, where we come from, our roles in the company, we all play a vital role towards the company’s success and there is space for everyone.

Learning and continual Improvement:

Every day presents a chance for self-amelioration, for our staff and company at large. We endeavor to sustainably grow ourselves by upholding a wholesome continuous learning and improvement.

Local Collaboration:

“Buy Kenya Build Kenya”. We hold our local potato farmers close to our hearts and create rapport with other stakeholders that are key in our processing and selling quality, safe potato products.

Our Production

It all starts with farm grown potatoes, produced under good agricultural practices, that are perfectly processed by our committed team to perfection for a delightful meal. Our potato products are lovingly prepared in sizeable batches to ensure that only the best is supplied to our customers.


Our after-sales delivery service is top notch and is highly reliable. Our delivery route planning is well thought of to ensure that all our customers are promptly served.

Athi Business Park, 3
Old Msa Road, Mlolongo
Postal Address
Nairobi, Kenya
Email address: info@serenifries.co.ke
Contact: +254 725690901