Our Business Model

The company processes Irish potatoes into fresh cut potato. By far the main product produced currently is the raw sliced potato chips. And the market focus is on food service/ catering; Hotels, restaurants and fast-food outlets. The company’s main processing facility is currently located in Athi Business Park Mlolongo at approximately 20 km from Nairobi centre in south-east direction,we have two other processing plants located in Nakuru and Mombasa respectively.The location has good infrastructure and communication networks. Water and electricity connections are available. Two other small processing facilities have recently been opened in Nakuru and Mombasa. Our Current processing capacity is 150 MT fresh cut potato products per month

How do we achieve this!

Sereni Fries Ltd buys potatoes from many small and medium scale farmers. We process about 1,200 tonnes of potatoes annually sourced from about 500 farmers.

We  contract Farmers to produce and supply potatoes, Sereni fries ltd is always seeking for long term cooperation with supplier farmers to ensure constant supply. As a business  we are  seeking to invest in resilience and reliability of small scale supplier farmers by building their capacity on sustainable production and quality. With our team of Agronomist and field coordinators we are imparting knowledge in improved agronomy knowledge on production including use of certified seed and proper use of pesticides. We also partners with input providers (pesticides, seed, and extension), mechanization service providers, and financial service providers to support our growers to access the best solutions to increase their yields and quality.

Sereni Fries ltd in a bid to sort the surplus in the market a 500 metric tonnes potato storage facility  was installed to cope with the demand and we are always seeking to secure reliable supply of quality potatoes meet this demand.