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Our Core Range

  Our Crisps under the Brand name Tastybits are perfectly crispy. Joy in Every bite! Tasty to thelast bit! Sereni Fries Tastybits are sweet, savoury & always delicious, with their robust and mature flavor. Tastybits was born with a mission to create fantastic, flavoursome and unique tasting crisps that would be fit for all!We pride ourselves in making the finest crisps in East and Central Africa that everyone can enjoy, our crisps are: Hand cooked, using only the freshest finest Kenyan potatoes. Our crisps are lovingly cooked in small batches using high quality oil and generously combined with all natural flavours for a truly memorable crispy crunch!

Tasty Bits Box 48pc ( Tomato Flavour )
Tasty Bits Box 48pc ( Chilli Lemon)
Tasty Bits Box 48pc ( Salted)
Tasty Bits Box 48pc ( Salt & Vinegar )