Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Involvement with Farmers

In Kenya, potato farming has not been fully embraced as an agribusiness. The crop is majorly grown for subsistence uses and slightly as a cash crop. The reluctance on commercial farming is largely attributable to failures that have occurred due to poor production practices, rainfall failure and gaps in the potato value chain.
Ample and reliable supply of high-quality Irish ware potatoes that meet our production needs is critical. To support farmers, achieve maximum yields at minimum environmental disruptions, Sereni pioneered a business model championing collaboration with local ware potato small holder farmers. We play an active role of onboarding and training the farmers on climate smart agriculture (CSA) and GAPs to beat snags in land preparation methods, incorrect use of farm inputs, inappropriate use of pesticides, and provide timely agronomy and weather information.

With the impeding climatic disaster, it is imperative that all of us play a role in reversing the damage at hand and work towards restoration of planet earth’s diversity and achieving an ecosystem balance. Creating awareness on regenerative agriculture and training our farmers on the same is our cause towards this.Sereni engages directly with farmers through their groups by partnering with key sector stakeholders. We then contract the trained farmers to grow the preferred ware potato variety for us.
This gives a meaning to the crop farming as the farmers already have a ready market for their product at a competitive price. The ripple effect is increased household income for the farmers thus improving their living standards. Through increased demand of labour in the farms, employment is created on different levels.

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