Our current markets!!!

  • Fresh cuts are sold to catering outlets (hotels, restaurants and fast foods),
  • Crisps (Tasty Bits brand) sold through consumer retail outlets in major urban areas of Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru.

What we do:


  • Process potatoes into fresh cuts for French fries, raw peeled, potato wedges and cubed potatoes for fast food restaurants
  • Process potatoes into crisps for direct marketing to consumers through retail outlets

How we reach target markets:

  • Through B2B marketing to restaurants and hotel chains
  • Referrals and walk in customers


Key activities:

  • Contracting supplier small scale and large scale farmers to grow and supply potatoes
  • Providing extension support to small scale farmers to meet quality and volume specifications of the contracts
  • Inbound logistics of potatoes from the farm to the store and factory
  • Processing of potatoes into variety of fresh cuts for the markets
  • Outbound logistics distributing processed product to the markets.

Value Proposition to suppliers and customers:

  1. Supplier farmers:
  • Guaranteed market for their produce at competitive prices
  • Support to farmers (mainly small scale) in sourcing for seed and credit for other inputs
  • Extension support to small scale farmers to meet quality and volume requirement


  • Supply of quality potato fresh cuts to restaurant
  • Convenience from sourcing processing and managing waste

Consistency in supply and prices for restaurants